Sunday, November 2, 2008

NaNoWRiMo day two

I just went past the 2000 word mark on my NaNoWriMo novel... I am pleased how it's coming on, mostly, but it's hard to make myself write a certain number of words like this without going back and trimming it down every few paragraphs. I normally check over what I have written at the end of the day and chuck out a lot of adjectives and sentences that made sense at the time of writing but have already become obscure, and I often decide to throw out a whole scene halfway through if it won't get going. I don't like the idea of a whole wodge of wordiness growing under my hands day by day... but there's no way I can get 50000 words written in a month if I keep hacking bits out all the time. It's tempting to just mark the rubbish ones out somehow and count them in, but I guess I'll have to trust myself that I can edit it all in the end... maybe that's partly the point of this exercise.
Anyway, due to this restraint I feel like the story isn't moving on at all, but that it's just endless exposition so far and could be done in a couple of sentences. But maybe that's not true... and maybe it doesn't matter at all. Who cares if my 50000 word novel will shrink to a short story eventually?
Oh, it's not easy though! Every thought that comes along now wants writing down to make up the day's word count... on the other hand, thoughts come in fast, for later parts of the story mostly.
Anyway, I'll try and do a few hundred more now before dinner.



Hello lovely! It has been a manic few weeks but I am trying to get back into writing, both on this and my scripts etc, if only for my own sanity, it drives me crazy when I don't write, I feel 'unfulfilled', if that doesnt sound too pretensious?

I am excited to hear about NaNoWriMo, i think i might do it next year, it sounds a tough but brilliant exercise. Particularly because you have trained yourself to edit as you go and now you're having to untrain all these good habits you've learned! i still think it'll be a really good experiment and i have enjoyed catching up with your blog which is as brilliant as ever.

Hope you're well otherwise?x

alex milway said...

well done for writing so many words! I always find that other ideas come along as I write, so the very process of writing is as important as the planning.

great stuff! you'll soon make 50,000

Viviane Schwarz said...


I'm well, thanks, if a bit tired out as always! And feeling a bit unfit because the local pool closed on account of being a health hazard (uh).

Yes, I got fed up with it all yesterday morning but now I am back on track. It's true, writing at this speed produces ideas that wouldn't have come along otherwise, I already wrote at least two things that baffled me since yesterday evening.