Sunday, November 9, 2008

NaNoWriMo, day 9

Okay. I've ditched the word count, and the world is suddenly a brighter place, and I am excited about the novel again. Here's my plan for the rest of the month: I will work on the book every day, but it doesn't matter if I draw maps, write words or just make notes. My aim is to have the thing worked out as a rough draft by the end of the month so well that - in the words of my illustration teacher at college - "someone else could draw it". - Since being introduced to the concept of writing a novel by writing a lot every day until it's written, I've written two big novel drafts, and I've failed to carve anything I liked out of either. I just don't think it's how my brain works... I like to think about patterns, and I like tightly plotted stories. That's why I am writing picture books, for goodness' sake, that's what I do, take something that's very much plotted and make it seem inevitable. If I let my brain run free and just write, all I ever write about is tasty food. My cunning villains are as disorganised as myself, and my heroes are always taking time off for a snack and a stroll round the block and maybe a nap. I'm just writing what I'd rather be doing myself instead of writing.
You wouldn't believe how much tasty food I've already crammed in these 10.000 words...

Mind you, I've come up with characters and ideas that were completely unexpected (some of them about interesting food, but not all), and that's due to just writing without thinking too much, but I have reached the point where there's enough ideas and enough characters and I want to close the door and make a book now.

Okay, off to do some plotting :) Really looking forward to it for a change!

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