Saturday, November 8, 2008

NaNoWriMo day 8 (evening)

I dragged myself over the 10.000 words mark today - I was utterly stuck on an utterly dull stretch of novel, I could hardly believe how dull it was. I mean, I have all these things piling up in my head that will happen later, but they just don't happen yet. And somehow there seemed to be endless potential for the characters to do hardly anything at all, which seemed very life-like to me, which in turn started to make me question what I am doing with my life. As it is, I am spending my days doing pretty much nothing except writing a novel, trying in vain to get to the exciting parts, so in a way it's not to surprising that nothing happens in the novel neither except everyone somewhat vaguely expecting exciting things to happen.
It's a dreadful state of affairs, which I decided to get out of by writing something much like this:
Then some more boring stuff happened, which they didn't mind because life was kind of going on in ways they mostly enjoyed, and in fact it was all kind of a calm before the storm thing which they did not at all realise was foreshadowing great events that had not as yet transpired, so they didn't even know which bits of their blissfully boring existence were foreshadowing anything at all.
Until one night, when Pebble heard desperate screaming coming from all over the place, which was totally unexpected. Something dreadful must have happened very suddenly.

Then I wrote who was screaming and why, and when I felt the dreadful drudge coming on again I switched to italics and wrote a short account of the very exciting stuff that's going to happen next, and I intend to turn those italics into some half decent writing tomorrow and then end up with more exciting italics for the next day, and so on, and if it all is just exciting stuff, doesn't hang together and ends after 30.000 words then I'll go back and write more boring stuff between the lines.


Russet said...

reading each post and following your novel writing process is a revelation to me and a really interesting me a description I had never expected and I can understand about the thinking process and how you produce a product from the flow of it all....awaiting your next post with anticipation

Viviane Schwarz said...

I'm glad, I was kind of expecting everyone to drop off this month... I've become kind of unsociable in real life over this, I'm told :)