Friday, November 7, 2008

NaNoWriMo day 7 (morning)

So! Yesterday I took a break from Novel-writing, because the day before I allowed myself to be tricked by the word-count widget into writing so much I felt ill. I just kept going back and logging more all through the day, didn't listen to anything anybody said and by the end of the day almost walked into walls, I was so tired out. And all just because the little square of the word-count widget had gone bright red for that day, and was refusing to change colour however much I added. - I think it might be running on the wrong time zone or something. So I'LL get rid of that and calculate my own aims for now - I'll just see how many more words I need to write, then I'll count how many days are left, take away one day a week to have a break from it, and calculate the required total-per-writing-day from that... and magically, it's exactly 2000 words per day. Hah. That is neat.

What I did do yesterday is play "Little Big Planet", the new PS3 platforming/world-building game, and it truly is as lovely as they say. It took me right back to childhood memories of changing the attic into a ghost-ride with my friends, with cardboard ghosts and teddybear monsters on strings. It's wonderful. Just before midnight I made a huge sheep out of sponge, painted it white and climbed all over it, shouting "HA HA I defeat you, giant sheep" until Alexis told me I might want to get out of his room and let him sleep maybe.

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