Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NaNoWRiMo day 5

Nothing to be said about day five, except that I somehow pootled through another wodge of words. Feeling a bit lazy about it, I even just described a possibly important scene that I could have written in lots of words because I thought it would just slow stuff down to spend time there if it turns out that it wasn't important after all... and I can always go back and extend it later. I think if I get to do a second draft eventually I'll know what should be happening in all these scenes I'm writing where characters are just faffing about on their way to the next big event that somehow shouldn't happen quite yet, but I'll make it happen tomorrow because that's been enough faffing. It's hard not to write too much faffing, since that's what seems to take up most time and space in real life. Anyway, first session that didn't turn up anything interesting at all (I think). Pah.

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