Monday, November 3, 2008

NaNoWRiMo day 3 (still)

Just hit 4000 words. More unexpected things are happening, and I did go back to edit this and that, but I also left in a not very successful scene written from a different perspective because it might come in handy later. Seems I might be sticking with the same character all through after all, which is unusual for me. I like switching view-points, but this time it just seems likely to cause confusion.
Here's a few sentences or so for you:

The wailing rose again. “Is this it?” Pebble whispered, although she knew it wasn't the call, but she didn't know what else it meant, and it frightened her.
“No, this isn't it, stupid.” Tarmac licked his nose nervously. “They are still making prayers, so that the stone people will... so that they will have a look.”
Pebble curled up more tightly, because she was thinking about what the stone people would look at. They would look at her tonight. She was secretly hoping that they would not listen, and stay asleep tonight. The wailing rose into a shrill choir, and it seemed to come from all corners of the sacred yard now. The stone people would have to be deaf or in a very bad mood about something not to hear it.
“Are they sacrificing?” she asked.
“What?? Where did you even get that word from again?”
“Dunno,” Pebble said. “Someone said they would be sacrificing. What's sacrificing?”
“They are not sacrificing,” said Tarmac.

I really wish I had time to edit some of the repetitions and stuff, it irks me even to see it here, all that raising wailing and stuff. Gnnnnnnh! Ignore. Ignore. Keep writing.
Anyway, I have to stop for now and actually do some contracted work, painting some cats with suitcases, to be precise.


Eric Orchard said...

Very cool! I feel so unproductive. I sometimes think this is like a sociological experiment cause people write really revealing stuff when they have to write so much so fast.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hm! Heh, I wonder what this book says about me so far...

Hey, unproductive, bah, you made a whole baby over there, I wouldn't worry!


warriorgrrl said...

Hey, I meant to say the other day the NaNoWriMo founder has a great tip for sections you want to edit or take out later or that are bothering you in any way: italicise them and if necessary change the colour to white so they look invisible but don't come off your word count...

Viviane Schwarz said...

Aaah yes! I thought about making those totally silly bits crossed-out... but it's a great idea to mark out the ones you badly want to edit, too... I think I will! Thanks!
I mainly got one paragraph that will definitely go, I managed to not think about faffing with the rest too much, mostly. But it's a reassuring idea that I can without losing speed...