Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Long Night

Rrr. I am propping my eyes up with coffee spoons. I ended up going to bed at midnight after doing some late-night work on the new picture book, and then kept the radio turned on and listened to America. I was still very worried that it would turn out that in the end, that there might still too many places where people would just not even consider Obama as an option. I thought of the silly casual racism I remembered from growing up in a part of Germany where back then black people were still stared at by small white children in the street. I was thinking how brilliant it would be if small children of any colour anywhere in the world would see a black man running America. - I fell asleep at some point and when I woke up in the very early morning the radio was still on, and Obama was talking...
Well, I am happy. Thanks for voting, you guys over there :)

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