Saturday, November 15, 2008

Haberdashing off to the city

Aaaah, Saturday!
Time for me to get a travelcard and join the teeming masses. There's a few exhibitions I want to see (if they're not too packed today) and I need to get toy stuffing and some balls of wool to make a Morsicant for an exhibition. The main thing to be illustrated (or suggested) with this piece is a "sensation of repeated biting".

Morsicant Sketch

As you can see, I am still inspired to crochet smiley animals with round eyed masks...
He will have a big mouth with crocheted teeth which when closed slot into gaps in his gums, so that the teeth disappear completely and are surprising when they appear again. And otherwise he'll look like a friendly stripy monkey. That's the plan, anyhow. Then I just need to work out how to present him as a work of art - it would be nice if people could be bitten by him but that'll be a bit too much excitement in a gallery situation I think, so I might just have a photoshoot to demonstrate, or do some sketches...

And guess what, I just checked my work box for toy eyes (which I sometimes buy when I see them and then forget about them completely) and found these:

owl eyes


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