Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Spare Time

Today is the first day in many days that I have time to sit down and doodle. I've not drawn anything for so long that I need to explain to myself again how it's done...


I ordered a load of Deleter drawing nibs some time ago. They are great! Without wanting to encourage such things: if you don't treat them with respect, they'll work anyway. If they get a bit clogged, you can clean them easily. They hardly ever drip. They are incredibly sturdy, too. Before I discovered them I got through twelve nibs in twelve artworks. These guys seem so far immortal and I really am not very kind to my drawing nibs (poor things). They are a bit hard to get, but dinkybox.com sells them (I feel like advertising them because they are a great little shop, friendly and quick and useful).


I'm especially enjoying drawing Really Muddy Things, and putting watercolour right on the wet black ink.


Sometimes people tell me off for that and say it looks dirty and horrible, but I anjoy these more than anything else... I must write a story all about mud some time so I can illustrate it like this.
I opened the window after I'd drawn this and the water-pot got knocked, and the ink ran, so I had to put a patch on it.

kitty patch

Ah well.

Then I went out to buy food for Halloween guests.
There was a rain cloud approaching, but it passed.


On the way back my trolley was very heavy what with all the root vegetables, so I had more time than usual to look around... there are still a lot of fading flowers about, and assorted small seeds and fruit on the pavements.

passion flower


And in the shop downstairs, the shopkeeper is very meticulously drawing bats on the window with a big black pen. She's probably finished by now.


warriorgrrl said...

That's a gorgeous "doodle"...you're going to have to start putting things like that (or prints of them anyway) in the shop...

Russet said...

I know what you mean about the wet ink and the watercolour straight on to it, I loved doing the same kind of way of working, I love the merging effects of the two and the alivemness that comes out of it...i see that in the two you have there and love how much alive energy there is in your illustrations. wonderful. Thank you for the dip ink pen nibs contact too.

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

That first cat is perfect for a day of doodling...nothing like a nice glass of wine (or coctail) to chill out and play with lines and shapes, etc.

It's funny how it takes awhile to get back into doodling after a break. it's sort of like you need to do some warm ups, or reintroduce yourself to just sitting and playing and not judging too much what the outcome will be....it's like that for me anyways. I think that everyday you sort of train your brain, or condition it, to do a certain thing (s)...I think concentration is a learned art. These days my own life is so segmented that I think that my brain expects to have something new to put its attention to and so I need to retrain it to pay more attention... Anyhow...

I'm not doing well at concentrating at the moment....I need to move awawy from the computer now...

Fr√łydis said...

I loved those drawings! I stared at the first one for a long time before I started reading.
It's snowing here, and when I go outside the snow makes this creaking noise that reminds me of being a child.
Have a great day :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

The first drawing is very very tiny, I was trying out the smallest nib ('ideal for drawing hair', it says).

Thank you, Anne! - Yes, I like that description. I like a bit of lively mud in my art!

Lau: Heh, yes! I was thinking I'd like to put some doodles in the shop because I can make them cheaper than the stuff with actual characters from published books.

Does anyone have recommendations how and where to get sale-able prints made? I like the idea!

Froydis: it snowed here too! I got snowed on with big wet flakes when I put the rubbish out last night, but it didn't stay. I'm glad I got the last tomatoes in before that!

Steph: Sometimes I do wish that I could specialise my brain a bit more, it's always a bit scary to do the 'warm-up'... you're right, it's best not to worry and just have fun with that!