Monday, October 13, 2008

Recession Plans

So... listening to the radio this morning, the Pound has not collapsed yet. Yayy.
My cold is still there and I am doing some paperwork, finding that my bank sent me another letter offering a loan. Yeah, right. I wonder how many people in the world have been getting offers for big loans several times a month - want a car? A house? Whatever it is, let us get you there sooner! - and how many have taken them on... I always thought: one day I'd understand where all that money comes from, then maybe I'll buy a house or something, too... Heh, I guess now I understand why I didn't understand.

Don't you think it's amazing how suddenly Gordon Brown's no-nonsense sad face looks completely apt? All this time we've wanted him to get his act together, be a bit more glamorous and positive and generally a statesman to show off, and now... I don't know. I wouldn't want a showman in charge right now, it would be frightening.

Also, I am wondering if I should re-shuffle my plans and start on my big fantasy epic before writing the other novels I had planned on, I was going to write something that pitches the balm of the real world against the horrors of the mind, but maybe that's not the best thing to write in a recession - Might be just the time to do a 360 and immerse oneself in a fantasy world of talking animals, which I'd originally scheduled for the next decade. I got maps, I got plans, maybe it's the way to go...

So much for financial crisis from me today, back to drawing hamsters.

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