Monday, October 27, 2008


Oooh I am suddenly tired out. I think it's because I finally finished all my annual paperwork and posted off the bits that wanted posting and sorted the bits that wanted putting in order and punched holes and stapled and finally herded it all back into the paperwork cupboard and slammed the door.
I took some more pictures of images to go in the shop, but noticed when I had it all ready to upload that some of the pictures really need some strands of colourful wool drawn on them, do it'll be a few more days yet.
Here's one of them, pre wool strands:

I think I'll rest my brain a little and drink tea until I need to do another work stint, fixing a few pages of a dummy book before the next meeting...

So how's the peeling gummed envelopes in the dark business going? Anyone peeled one yet? I don't believe you have or else you'd tell me! For goodness Sake, THEY GLOW IN THE DARK, how can you not be peeling already? Maybe you peeled one and nothing happened, in which case it's just the wrong sort of envelope, keep trying!

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