Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I just got out my folder of Cat artwork to check which ones I'd sell - there are some really nice ones, I think, especially the ones that didn't amke it into the book because they looked a bit too strange. And the development sketches, which are nice and big and done in gouache. I decided to keep this one and have it framed some time:

that's Tiny cat, back when he was still called 'Marzipan'. The original names of the trio were Moonpie, Fish-Hat and Marzipan, but Marzipan was too much like Moonpie, I figured, and 'Fish-hat', while being a great name for a cat, didn't suit Andre as much as 'Andre'. He's named after Andre the Giant, though he is modeled on a lady cat by the name of Robin belonging to a friend. Robin, however, wasn't THAT big. I started imagining his/her lines in Andre the Giant's voice, which helped a good deal with the writing. Moonpie you may imagine as voiced by Dame Maggie Smith. Tiny, obviously, sounds like me.
Except if you're reading out the book, in which case they'll all three sound a lot more like you!

This is the back of that drawing (it's cut from a sketchbook) where you can see that Andre was also 'Tony' for a while, and Moonpie 'Minoushka'.

I had some trouble holding the pen when I painted these because I was ill, so I am especially fond of them - they came out so much better than I would have thought, even though the colour shapes are all over the place. Maybe especially because of that... you never know what you can do until some years later.


Eric Orchard said...

Pure V. Schwartz cat magic. Just beautiful. And it's impossible not to read a post entitled Marzipan.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Heh... thank you :)
It's a good name for a cat, no?