Monday, October 27, 2008

The Lost World

I am listening to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Lost World' in my studio at the moment, and I am enjoying it A LOT. It's seriously adventurous, and made out of brilliant sentences. Here's the first passage that made me look up from my paperwork and just listen and laugh:

"I'll trouble you to keep your hands off, sir. I'll not stand it."

"Dear me!" His black moustache lifted and a white fang twinkled in a sneer. "You won't stand it, eh?"

"Don't be such a fool, Professor!" I cried. "What can you hope for? I'm fifteen stone, as hard as nails, and play center three-quarter every Saturday for the London Irish. I'm not the man----"

It was at that moment that he rushed me. It was lucky that I had opened the door, or we should have gone through it. We did a Catharine-wheel together down the passage. Somehow we gathered up a chair upon our way, and bounded on with it towards the street. My mouth was full of his beard, our arms were locked, our bodies intertwined, and that infernal chair radiated its legs all round us.
The watchful Austin had thrown open the hall door. We went with a back somersault down the front steps. I have seen the two Macs attempt something of the kind at the halls, but it appears to take some practise to do it without hurting oneself. The chair went to matchwood at the bottom, and we rolled apart into the gutter. He sprang to his feet, waving his fists and wheezing like an asthmatic.

"Had enough?" he panted.

"You infernal bully!" I cried, as I gathered myself together.

And the best thing is - it's a free Librivox recording, so you can have it too! Here you go.
It is read very well, too, by a Mr. Mark F. Smith, despite and sometimes because of very eccentric accents... his Scottish in particular is reminiscent of Indiana Jones masquerading.
Very, very charming.

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Viviane Schwarz said...

Listening on, it does get quite objectionable... English Gentlemen slaughtering their way through whole species of never-before-seen beasts - not to mention the depiction of shallow ladies in awe with many endeavours, no matter what they be - but that's to be expected.
Dinosaurs and all, though! I am still enjoying it.