Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Day

It's my last day in France!
We went to look at some beautiful Miro sculptures (but I didn't take photos because photos cost extra and I'd bought a sausage instead to take home as a present) - and then visited the sea (but I forgot my swimsuit, ah well).
There I found a stone with eyes:

and now I am cooking up some Ratatouille (I hope) and artichokes (yesssss!!!)

The vegetables we picked up in the mountains from a roadside stall, except for the artichokes and the lemons... the lemons are local, they had bits of twig still on them and thorns! Do lemons have thorns? Huh. Oh man this smells good, I'll stop typing and start eating :)


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Hmmmm! That looks so delicious!

Such a short trip! Do you think you'll go back? These posts have made me want to put this place on my travel plans for some time in the future.

Viviane Schwarz said...

It was very tasty :)

I'd like to come back and see more stuff. It seems very cheap to me, coming from London, you can stay in a comfy place for 25 euro a night (if there's two of you, a bit more else). I think it was avery good idea to come here off-season, even though we missed the lavender fields - it gets really overrun apparently.

The people we rented from were nice and said we should come back :) I might do that! This little house is completely brilliant...

I didn't mention that we went to the 'Grand Canyon', which is only half as deep as the actual one (I think) but till pretty amazing... I didn't take many pictures there because it wouldn't have looked anything like the real thing.
I think I quite possibly got all the material that I need for my next book though, that was one of my main plans... it's a story about some small beasts going out into the big world and I want to try and collage the big world from photographs. It's be quite French now!

Oh and: I did see a Chagall mosaic today! It was very lovely! In a sculpture park near Nice, along with loads of statues by Miro and Giacometti and Arp. Yay!