Friday, October 24, 2008

The Horniman Museum (once again)

I'm just back from a lunchtime trip to the Horniman Museum. I met up with Laura, to talk about the upcoming November NaNoWriMo. We've got good plans! I had more cake (even more cake) and so rambled on, sugar-fuelled, about writing and writing and writing. Is anyone else going to join or writing group, by the way? Come on! :)

Then we swapped cats: I have a knitted Andre now, in exchange for a painted one, look!


And: in the museum shop they had a lamp made completely out of Sardine tins, which I had to buy. If you know why I had to buy that you've known me for quite some time (if not - I wrote and rewore and rerewrote a novel over the last seven years or so, and the one thing that never changed is that the first scene features a house in the snow lit by a lamp made out of sardine tins). I am insanely excited about it. The lamp, not so much the novel.

We also paid a quick visit to the stuffed walrus. It's important to visit the stuffed walrus in Forest Hill. My friend Ellan first told me about it years ago, but I had to see it to believe it. Whoever stuffed it, over a hundred years ago, wasn't aware that walruses have wrinkles. So they stuffed it smooth. It is majestic. Here it is.

Stuffed Walrus

And I probably posted it before, but I wouldn't want you to miss it :)

The Horniman is a great place, anyway, you can see bees there...


More bees

...and antique musical instruments, and many, many stuffed animals, and there are events for children rather regualrly (there was something brightly costumed going on today, I noticed) and if you go out into the adjacent gardens you can see friendly rotund goats...


...and, indeed, London.

Forest Hill Sky


Eric Orchard said...

I always feel creatively inspired after a visit here! I love how you spread the magic of your world so it can be enjoyed by all. Your last few posts feel like epic novels. wonderful.

Viviane Schwarz said...

I think it's because I'm weirdly happy at the moment... :)