Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Home again

Now I was composing this lovely wrap-up post in my head in Nice airport, planning to write it all down this morning... but then I got on the plane, with eleven other passengers, and off we went, and down we went again, but it took several attempts because of strong tail-winds. Basically we were zooming in and out of a thick soup of cloud with the whole plane howling like a big cat, sometimes London flashed past the windows quite close up, and then we climbed right back again and the captain told us not to worry because we had enough fuel for some more landing attempts, and that the runway was booked for another forty minutes. At some point there I forgot anything else I meant to say about France and when I got on the Docklands Light Railway and passed the Dome, I felt utterly and happily at home again.

Dome sweet Home

The DLR is my favourite mode of transport in London because you can go right to the front and pretend to be the driver, which I did. Then I descended into the tube, picked up a newspaper from the floor and read up on the financial crisis, and then I was back home already and eating a big portion of chips for dinner. Mmmh. All back to normal.

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