Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Days

I had the most marvellous couple of days - you know, when all the goodness that you might expect in a month or so comes around all at once.

First I had a lovely day out with Froydis, who was visiting from Norway. We went to the South Bank book market and then the Charing Cross bookshops, and London was doing its best to produce a glowing autumn afternoon.

London View

I don't know why, but it always turns into a different place for visitors, when I walk around here it's mostly being casual, all rattling trains and crowds. Someone nice visits, and the houses turn into huge owls roosting by the river.
We had some cake on the way

Tea and Cake on South Bank

and sat on the Edith Cavell memorial. That is one of my favourite places to sit in London - it's like the stone incarnation of this great lady planted a big block of stone into the road because she knew people needed a place to rest there.

The next morning, I got brilliant things in the post - I mean, really brilliant!

Nostril Stone

First and foremost: a nostril stone in a tiny box, which is now on my display shelf looking curious.

Then I got foreign copies of one of my books, and a new contract. The contract came in one of these envelopes that are gummed shut with sticky stuff, not the kind that needs licking, and I kept it until the evening, and opened it in the dark.
If you don't know why, then you MUST promise me that next time you get a letter with a gummed flap, you will open it in the dark. If you can't wait for the evening, go into a cupboard and do it there.
Anyway, the whole household gathered around it in the dark in the evening and we peeled it open, and it sparkled and glowed bright blue (which is what always happens - you just can't see it in the daylight), and we went WHOOOOOOOOO!!! - and then I switched on the light and signed it. A new book is officially on the way!

Also, a huge spider has built an intricate web in my balcony garden, just where it looks the most boring and wintery otherwise. And I bought a number of beautiful old paperback books in town, which I will read in the evenings so I can hopefully get some real sleep for a change...


schmemma said...

what a lovely post filled with lovely things..i am very envious of your nostril stone - where did you get that from?!

Viviane Schwarz said...

It just came in the post like that, in that tiny cardboard box, as a complete surprise...

Viviane Schwarz said...

Has anyone tried peeling open a gummed envelope in the dark yet?

schmemma said...

no, but i definitely will next time a gummed envelope comes my sounds too exciting to be true!

Viviane Schwarz said...

It's true it's true it's TRUUUUEEEE! It's blue electric fire!