Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Christmas Card...

I just got ready to send off my order for this year's Christmas cards to be printed... but then changed my mind about the picture I was going to use. I was suddenly struck by the inspiration to paint an all-new one. But now I have a printable image all uploaded already... so if you want a friendly wintery image to put on your Christmas cards, you can have this one! (Just don't print loads and sell them without asking me first.)


Click on here and download the large size, if you like.


Eric Orchard said...

Can I print it and pretend it's from you? I love this! One of my favorites of yours so far. In a funny way it reminds me of Edward Gorey.

Viviane Schwarz said...

:D In that case you'll be getting two cards from me this year!

It's actually an old picture that I meant to use four years ago but then didn't, when I first started drawing with brushes like that, when I hurt my arm and couldn't do detail work. - I did feel a bit gothic horror at the time, but I drew that on a happy day :)