Friday, October 10, 2008

DIY Baking Workshop

I spent yesterday in Clapham and Battersea, taking part in a DIY baking workshop. In the morning, we went to all the baking shops in the area and bought things... I wanted a real mixing bowl, since I've never had one. I had a vision of a plain red one, and amazingly in the very last shop we went to... there it was. It's mine now. Mine.

Baking Goods

In the afternoon, we baked... I made some cupcakes, which I think had about twice as much sugar in as planned. Fortunately, Holly (who I hadn't met before, but now I'm glad I have) baked some amazing cakes. And she gave me the recipes. Hooray! Now I know that shortbread dough should be frozen, then grated, and that there is never any reason not to put salt in a chocolate dough.

Baking Workshop

And inbetween, we went for coffee. Look at this coffee. Just look.


And here's a South London Doggie, just so you believe I'm back home.


So... I am planning to bake green tomato cupcakes very soon!

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