Friday, September 12, 2008

Well all right then!!! Let it be FROGS!

Uwarrrgh!!!! Where is my tape dispenser? I just settled down to do some work, and I can't find the invisible Scotch tape. I am sure there are some rolls about, because this happens ALL THE TIME, and so I keep having to go out and buy tape in a hurry... but if there's one thing rolls of Scotch invisible tape are NOT, it's easy to find if they are not in a highly visible tape dispenser. And where is that??? WHERE???? What stupid reason did I have to remove the tape dispenser from my desk this time???
OK, I have completely blown my top now and ordered the most ridiculous tape dispenser I have ever seen (my uncle had this in his house when I last visited - I just googled Frog Tape Dispenser), and if I misplace that one then... I don't know.

Until then... grr. Too late to go and buy more now. I'll just do some sketches instead. But my, I wish I could NAIL the few items I need all the time to this desk!

P.S. Reminds me: here is a nice short animation to go with this thought.

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