Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today Type STuff & Things

I got some new T-Shirts in the mail... at some point in my life I've turned back into a T-Shirt person from a dresses person. Probably when I turned 30. All my old favourite dresses look threadbare, but I don't really care. It's autumn anyhow. Makes me feel a bit puzzled because some of them I remember buying expecting to wear them in case something wonderful happened and now they are worn out just from walking around London buying groceries, and it doesn't seem all that long ago that they were new... Maybe I am getting a bit less imaginative, but these days I'm quite happy living in more comfortable clothes. Real wonderful occassions don't tend to mind what I'm wearing anyway.

I also got a manual for 3D animation, which looks pretty brilliant - as I've been hoping, it is possibly to 'model' things onscreen, I was a bit worried I'd have to plan and construct everything from numbers in my head. Flicking through it I saw a tutorial on how to make a hairy ball, basically covering a sphere in strands of hair, then rendering it and see them all fall into place with digital gravity. Very cool!

And I think today is the day that I start actually producing the artwork for the seqel to 'There are Cats in this Book". Some of the roughs still need adjusting but tehre's enough to get going... I just have to remember what scale I was working to last time, and get used to drawing the first few pictures twenty times over until they look like I did them without trying :)

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