Friday, September 5, 2008

Still computers, but also some Sheep!

This morning, I am mostly... transferring files and settings. I can't believe how much stuff is on my old laptop... especially in that folder labeled PROJECTS. I'm finding whole worlds of weird in there... and they will all get their new neat homes now, and maybe some of them will eventually turn into something!

I'm also colouring in a new Sleepwalkers page, but first I need to grab all the swatches and huge layered photoshop files of the previous pages from the laptop, else continuity will get even worse... I should have made a sheet showing the colour-scheme right at the beginning and printed it out and tacked it to the wall, I can never remember for example what colour the white sheep's sword hilt is. Ah well! Live and learn.

Thingummy finch definitely thinks he's Helga canary's mate these days, he follows her everywhere (even scary places like, say, my knee), keeps an eye on her at all times and does funny little dances to impress her. She, on the other hand, just gets on with nest-building and egg-laying and general insanity as usual. Now they have moved into a basket under Alexis' bed... strange little animals. They seem happy though.

And I just read up on the 'One Laptop Per Child' laptop, I'd heard of it before but didn't look into it... and it looks brilliant! If they sold them here I would get one, it looks like just the thing to take to a cafe, bump into stuff on the way and pour coffee over mid-sentence. Runs Linux, and thus all the useful writing and internet stuff one could wish for. And it's a buy one, donate one deal... I do hope they'll be available here some day.

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