Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rolleiflex Help, anyone?

Photography buffs / glass experts:
Is there anyone out there who could help me get my hands on a small pane of plain frosted glass that would fit in the top of an old Rolleiflex camera as a viewing screen? I just started researching it and thought before I spend days, I'll give the world a shout, just in case...
The camera I have has a perfectly fine viewing screen - but it has a grid etched into it which I don't want... I want to take pictures of the viewing screen, you see, because it makes everything look great - but the grid is in the way!
Am hoping to use it for a fancy book project I am working on, too...
(I should ask this on a photography forum but I enjoy sometimes calling for help on my blog and see if anyone pops up from the quiet void of the web :)
Would welcome advice, and if anyone has a glass panel that would fit I'd swap it for artwork or something!

Here's a very rubbish example (it's too dark in here to show properly what I mean, so it looks just like a bad grainy photo, but you can see the grid lines)


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