Monday, September 8, 2008

Pumpkins and Scissors

It's my very first balcony pumpkin!

my first pumpkin

now I hope that pumpkins accept their own pollen, or else this is a dud and for the next one I need to take the train to Battersea Park and take a brush to one of their male pumpkin flowers.

Otherwise... where on earth are my scissors? ANY of them? I know I own a pair of Chinese scissors for gardening, a pair of tailors' scissors for cutting paper neatly, and two pairs of multi purpose. And yet I never have any to hand. I would buy some new ones, but I live in Peckham, so I need ID to buy scissors because people who buy scissors without ID want them to run Amok with, obviously. Either that or I look like I'm under 16. And I just can't be bothered... and also I bet they would get enlisted elsewhere in the house, because I do carry them upstairs to the kitchen and then they disappear. Somewhere there is a nest of scissors in this house and I don't want to guess what inter-dimensional creature is hatching its breed there.

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