Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to France!

So... tomorrow I'll be off for a week to Nice, with my sister, to see some culture and do some drawing. I'm binding a couple of sketchbooks today and printing maps off the web and wondering if I want to run off and buy a travel guide after all... I'm sure I can get one at the airport though.
I hope there will be WiFi access somewhere close to where we're staying, then you might get some updates.

Am also listening to the radio as I've been doing recently, and wondering if we'll really get a Tory government next. With WebCameron at the helm.
And if Boris Johnson will actually manage to save London from flooding by giving us more roof gardens. This has been on my mind. Is there any way in the world that roof gardens actually would significantly cut the risk of flooding? That man confuses me. It's like his idea of opening more boxing schools to put kids off knife crime. I wonder if any of this is backed up by research? Or is he just improvising? It all seems very odd to me.

Anyway, see you next week if not sooner :)

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