Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crime, and nicer things

It's a lovely grey autumn morning, and I'll go out to buy a newspaper in a minute... The Times, again, they are giving away free Hitchcock DVDs this week. I hope I won't get too annoyed... there's always something in there that makes me want to send a letter of complaint. Last Sunday they were running an article about a guy who killed his wife and daughter with 'just two clicks', implying quite heavily that it was somehow computer-related. - But how? - did he email a contract killer? Did he lose all his money online gambling and force them into suicide? What? - He used the internet a lot, including for dubious moneymaking schemes. I read almost the whole article, including things like his ebay feedback (going from good guy to bad guy), before I realised that, indeed, the two clicks were two clicks of the gun trigger. He personally shot them at close range, no internet connection involved.
Sheesh, is this really the opinion out there - using your computer a lot encourages family fathers to reformat their life by deleting their wife and children? - I'm trying not to think about it too much, since, well, it's not my newspaper of choice... and if he'd been an obsessive gardener, maybe they would have claimed he just did some pruning... still. Fah.

On a much happier note, I just downloaded Ktoon- a free 2D animation package, still on my quest of discovering what open source programs have to offer for the creative professional... and thus for anyone hoping to become one on a budget, and without resorting to piracy. - I am not allowing myself to try it out today because I need to get a new dummy together, and in the afternoon probably go to a reception at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

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