Monday, September 1, 2008

Huge box!

This is the first ever post from my new computer! YAYY! I have so much space on my desk now!
It arrived in a HUGE box weighing 20kg because my parents took the opportunity to send a load of other goodies along, a percolator for example (is that the right word)? And my old winter coat I left in Germany. I had to unpack the box on the doorstep because I couldn't shift it.
The computer was a bit mad out of the box and I re-installed Ubuntu, now it runs beautifully. It took me an hour to install the printers, because I didn't realise that all you have to do is, er, plug them in... now I am stumped about the scanner, but I have a feeling it will resolve itself. And I need toget my graphics tablet to work. And apparently somewhere in here a TV card is hiding!
Expect some oddities for the first Sleepwalkers Instalment to be coloured with open-source graphics programs only. Huah! Well, as soon as I worked out how to scan anything. Hm!!

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