Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Show!

This is too insanely brilliant... I've been up before eight today, and mostly trying out this computer since. My only meal has been a medium Big Mac meal at the keyboard (my second one this year). I can't believe it... every few hours I go: OK, next step! And plug in a second screen or try what happens if I just plug in a camera. And the most brilliant things happen. YOu can't tell from this photo how much I enjoyed watching it being sucked out of the camera, put in a neat digital photo album (automatically labeled and all) and then whisked to my FLICKR account. It was Smooth.

Inbetween, I interact with lovely people who visit and really do deserve seeing me not just from the side, typing, I am sorry... my former landlady's daughter visited and brought her little son. He had his first birthday when I was there, and I made him a sock monkey for his one-and-a-halfth (I think) which he apparently loves a lot. Anyway, his mum read him 'There are Cats in this Book' and he was vaguely smiling, and I went downstairs because I felt silly watching, like I was staring at this kid worried that he'd hate it, or worse, walk off and do something more exciting... and then all children in the world would agree, obviously. I fiddled with the computer some more and came back up... and they were still reading it, and he was throwing the paper wool at the paper cats and laughing, and blowing on them to dry them when they got wet and laughing when they puffed up (this is an interactive book you see) - this was already the second showing! And when he got to the end, he said: 'Let's read it again now!'

So, well, I am very happy now :)
Quality child, that. Excellent taste.

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