Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Printed Materials of today

Ah, today the Guardian gave away their last booklet on how to write, 'Childrens Books' this time, and at first glance it looks useful! I like the advice they gave about writing picture books: Don't think you need to find some artistic friend to draw the pictures for you before taking it to a publisher. Very true! You can if you like, but don't force it. It's not great for a budding illustrator to illustrate a beginners' script instead of getting on with their own portfolio (in which they could illustrate whatever they wanted) - it's hard enough to make pictures for something that's been through an editing process, and you might end up getting very tangled up in it all. And there's a chance that when you take the joint project to a publisher they do indeed like it - but only the words - or only the pictures... ouch.

I mean, if you're a great team already and love working together, that's brilliant, but if it's just a favour (or if it's just that you want to spend some time with that gorgeous person, or if you owe them rent, or anything besides grand artistic cross-pollination) you could both be doing better probably getting your seperate portfolios polished and just be friends! Or lovers. Or cousins. Or whatever seems right. I got no advice on that part actually.

Talking to the void of the past here, no one I know at present, the weather is making me feel reminiscy. Reminiscascent. Reminiscent? Ruminatory. Like looking out of the window a lot.

The other thing I got through the door is... NOT my frog-shaped scotchtape dispenser that I ordered a couple of weeks ago or so. Instead a letter telling me to be patient for a month and NOT phone them up because it just takes this long. Hah. But also: the company's catalogue, which is a brilliant load of total tat, and so I have something to read in my lunch break. I love silly catalogues. It seems a bit depressing to think that we actually produce all those daft things from limited resources, but hey, they'll mostly become unwanted gifts, go to Charity shops and come alive at night and have great adventures.

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