Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Cat


I've started painting the cats again... here's Moonpie, trying to look just right for the back cover.
I'll paint him a few more times... it's quite hard to get these guys just right, although last time it only took a few days until I got them down first or second time round most of the time.

There's a good surplus of cats that look fine, but they don't quite completely have the right expression... I might sell them on Etsy. Would be good to send them to good homes!


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Cats! I think that's one of my favorite subjects of yours.

If you decide of the Etsy thing- let me know! I would love one them!!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Heyyy that's a good start :D

I just decided that I'll just make a section of my website into a small shop of sorts, and just list the prices so that people who want an artwork can send me an email and pay via PayPal... Etsy would be neat but I don't like the idea that if I am in the middle of a project or on a research trip and someone buys one of my things online I have to drop everything and get the purchase in the post or get bad feedback. A for sale section seems much less stressy!

I'll do that when I'm back from France, actually.

I wish I could remember where I stored all the spare cats from the last book... hm...

Jennifer said...

Aw sweet, I'll always fall for cats! :-)

Eric Orchard said...

I dearly love the cats you draw. These guys should live in a rare book dealers shop in Prague.

I think you made a good decision re: Etsy, tho' certainly didn't mean to turn you off of them. It's an excellent online shop.please remind me when you start selling so I can buy stuff from you and push it on my blog.