Thursday, September 11, 2008


Look what I got in the post today!

French Cats

Not one, but TWO French language editions of There Are Cats in this Book. French, and French Canadian!

In France, as usual, they changed all the bits they figured I didn't write quite right :) - especially adding some 'Coucou' inside and out, which admittedly is a nice thing to say to the very small, generally, I wondered why I didn't write any 'coucou's myself, and I think it's because I was very small for some years longer than most kids, which means that I have a lot of memories of people goung 'coucou' and 'heititei' and 'dududu' and such at me when I was trying to, I don't know, read a book or think about physics at the time. But I admit I did enjoy a bit of 'coucou' when I was of official and proper 'coucou' age, so well done & point to the French there.
Both translations seem rather lovely to me, I like reading things I wrote translated into French. Must be fun, actually speaking French for real.

French Cats

I especially enjoyed finding how they translated 'woweewow', which I originally put in because when I tried to imagine what a cat would talk like ideally I remembered Christopher Walken in 'Puss in Boots'... and somehow when I think of Christopher Walken I think of him saying 'woweewow'. I'd never heard anyone else say 'woweewow' and wondered if it was a real thing to day, but it did stay in the book all through editing, and there it still is. And in France apparently it's 'Wouahwouahwouah'. In French Canada 'Maâowmarraow', and I have a feeling maybe that's something only cats say, but if not then I quite want to move to French Canada one day!