Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Celebrations Ahead!

So my computer works now (new soundcard) and at last I believe I can turn my attention to other things!
First, there's The Hulk. He's going to be an eyed Hawk-Moth. ALexis found him in the street and rescued him... he became a Chrysalis two days ago, and this morning Alexis built him a wee house on the balcony to overwinter in style.


And this morning we were planning to celebrate the switching on of that big Particle Accelerator with a cooked breakfast of Bangers and Smash... but I was too lazy to go food shopping yesterday, so that'll have to wait until they actually go ahead and make a black hole. I assume they'll tell us beforehand, seems only polite.

Then it's just about time for another celebration - 10 years of Viv in the UK! That's how long I've bloody lived here now!
But I have no idea how to celebrate... suggestions?

And in half an hour or so Alexia will come around to eat some of the abundant Balcony Tomato Sauce.

Balcony Tomato Sauce

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