Friday, September 19, 2008

All's well

Looks like I've got a new book to be working on :)
It's got small animals in, great danger, big emotions and probably collage elements. Well - hooray!!!!
Now what to do with the rest of the day?

I think I'll go for a walk and then... draw some cats!
I'll also see to it that I post a bit more drawings amongst the ramblings. Sorry, all I've been drawing has been scrawls, it's because all my projects are in intensive drafting phase at the moment. I do rather want to go out on a drawing trip or two, shall ask friends to come along presently (more fun).


Russet said...

Congrates for your new book to be working on and What a lovely idea to go on a drawing trip with friends...i hope you enjoy it heaps.......

I'm wondering how you begun the journey of illustrating for books?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thanks! I'm sure it'll be fun, if the weather stays...

Hm, I'm not sure... Basically, we were made to use a careers advisor computer in school and it came up with 'teacher or midwife' for all the girls, but only 'midwife' for me, so I went to the careers advice office to double-check and said 'hello, I want careers advice' he said 'did you try the computer, what did it say except midwife' and I said 'nothing' and so we had a talk and I was taking notes and talking about my plans and he nodded some and eventually said 'illustrator, obviously' and I said 'why' and he said 'well, look at your notes' and I looked and in the middle of the page it said 'career opportunities' and all around I'd filled the whole page with dragons. And he said 'next please'. - I went to some more advice places and they all said the same thing, so I did an illustration degree... Well anyway, I think I've basically always been drawing stuff around other stuff, it just didn't seem remarkable to me, I kind of thought I'd be a dentist or something and just doodle on the patient sheets, but it's worked out as it should I think!

Anyway, the illustration degree was the most practical step I'd say!