Sunday, September 21, 2008


Why do I keep sneezing? I started yesterday, and I think I've been keeping it up since. But I'm not sure because it was my day off, so I spent it getting more Mangas from the library and reading them all through back to front. Of course it's impossible to read any of them in the right order - you'll know that if you ever tried to read a serialised work in the medium of library books. So now I've read 'Fruits basket' parts one and sixteen, 'Demon Diary' part five and so on... it's a bit hard to follow the storylines, I admit. But the characters seem to have trouble keeping up with the plot at times themselves, and so it seems ok.
It made me feel like I want to write something strange and thoroughly enjoyable, too. I like the way these stories go straight for the most fun and exciting thing conceivable.
Anyway, that's why I don't quite remember if I've been sneezing a lot yesterday, I was completely immersed in stories of Demon Lords and people who turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

I also bought the Saturday Guardian, despite the loathsome advert plastered up in my local train station advertising the creative writing booklets they are running all week. That advert is actually really getting my goat. Last week I stopped in front of it and said 'shut up you idiot!' - I can't remember how it goes, it's a long poem in big rainbow coloured letters starting something like 'fear you not the writers block, the white blank wasteland of A4' or something much worse, and it's written in the style of... hm... whatever you hope no one will stand up and read out as a surprise at your 50th birthday party. It's a complete mockery of what a person might feel staring at a blank page - or hundreds of written pages - worrying that they just can't do it - and DONE IN TERRIBLE WRITING! RHYMING!
Turns out the first booklet is quite nice, though, and it only quotes Stephen King's 'On Writing' once. That's a very good book to teach you how to write a lot of words, by the way, if that's your main problem, not writing enough words. I followed his advice myself and produced so many words I could hardly believe it, but when I re-read them again I thought: would be nice to have some sort of plot as well, in places, a bit. He says plot is overrated, but I got a feeling that's a matter of personal taste. I'll have some, next time round.
Which reminds me... I wonder what I'll be writing next, in November... I have a big box of collected objects that I've been wanting to turn into a novel for years now, and I might as well give that a go because it doesn't really matter if it ends up being a load of weird ramblings. - I also have an idea for a story about foxes, but I don't quite know how it ends, and I don't want to mess it up because it seems like a good story, and maybe I should't hack through it in a month.

What else? The good news is that I found a good place to plug in the charger of my electric toothbrush. The bad news is that they closed my local post office, just when I finally got a bag full of letters that I've written over the last couple of months there to actually post off.

Here's another inexplicable thing I found in an old sketchbook:

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