Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Morning Knitting

wolly basket in the morning

This morning I got up early to finish knitting my jumper. I've had some gloomy days, Alexis says I've put on my winter face now. I guess it happens every year this time, something hormonal that makes me want to build a warm house out of top quality bricks and sit in it and get ready to shout insults at the big bad wolf of winter, and I feel restless and critical of anything less then top quality brickwork.
Yesterday was an incredibly sunny day - I hope the tomatoes soaked it all up! We fried some of the green ones up to see what that is like, and they tasted great. I don't actually understand why they don't sell green tomatoes in the shops, I'd eat them all the time.

fried green tomatoes

I am really enjoying my little stereo... I only wish I hadn't got rid of so much of my old tapes and CD's, I especially like listening to any that survived over the years at the moment. I miss my cheesy Sting tapes, and the Michael Jackson albums, and the dreadful crooning cover albums as sung by the cast of Star Trek (oh yes). If I'd buy that stuff again I'd feel a bit silly, they'd sound all different from the same tapes I had years and years ago. I discreetly shunted all that stuff out when I found myself going out with a guy who had a more refined taste in music. He didn't tell me to, I just wanted to get rid of them before he could explain to me why they were bad... Then he was gone, and I found I didn't have any music left that I actually really liked (but a heck of a lot of stuff that sounds to me like some woman burning a thumb piano full of insects while complaining about something). Now I've decided never to throw away another collection out of shame. If I ever find that box of toenail clippings from my early childhood, I'll treasure it, oh yes I will. (Won't add any new ones though. That would be kind of weird.)

I got a friendly mail from a young cousin who I didn't actually know existed this weekend, and now I am trying to work out if she was the baby I accidentally dropped almost two decades ago. I've felt kind of guilty about that ever since and avoided holding any more babies. If it was her, I'm glad that she seems to have grown up well, she sounds nice and sprightly.

I've got one more square of knitting to do, and then I shall write a synopsis for a comic book proposal and stick the rough text Alexis dictated me yesterday into a blank dummy, and cover it in hopefully meaningful Sharpie scrawls. Seems like a very good day so far!


sayowt said...

Hi, nice blog you have.
Once I was offered delicious green tomatoes in brine, made by a Turkish friend. I don't know how she made it but this recipe comes close.
Best wishes.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ho ho, that beyond brilliant, thank you so much!!! I'm absolutely harvesting the rest of my tomatoes before they turn red now. This sounds great!!!
See, I just guessed at how to fry green tomatoes, they seemed to go well with garlic but also with sugar... I like the look of this!

Eric Orchard said...

My wife brought home an apple and green tomato pie. I thought she was joking!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes I can imagine that!! They taste a bit like Lemons, don't they?

Eric Orchard said...

If someone had said prior to me biting into it-they taste like lemons- i would have been more prepared.