Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lovely evening!

Last night I went out to visit a friend for dinner - she just moved house and now just lives ten minutes away. Which is amazing! It was very strange, I used to think life would be like this all the time - quickly visiting someone with a bottle of wine and sitting in their kitchen chatting until the food is cooked and then eating it and chatting some more - but that's actually become a very rare thing since moving to London, which used to make me very sad until I gradually forgot about the possibility.
So... that was GREAT!
And when I came back home I downloaded LocoRoco Cocoreccho and played it until midnight (I probably was shouting "Cocoreccho!" in my sleep, kind of felt like that in the morning). I am so happy that somehow 2D games seem to be back in fashion even though games consoles and computers can handle detailed 3D environments. I wish I could get involved... I used to spend long hours when I was quite small drawing and dreaming up adventurous 2D platformer maps. Maybe I'll do some designing in my spare time. Hang on, "spare time"? Ha ha ha ha ha ha... oof...

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