Friday, August 29, 2008

dreams of houses

Meh, slow morning here. I've been thinking about future plans a lot, which I don't do often (not much point, I find) because I figured it would be lovely to have a dream to indulge in sometimes about what I'd like to be doing in, say, ten years' time. I would like to be able to buy a little house, just for myself, with a beautiful kitchen with a window out into the garden, and a separate studio and bedroom, with lots of well-designed storage space so I can have one very tidy room to wake up in and a reasonably tidy one to work in. And an attic, to store things I don't want to see all the time. And a basement, to have a real laundry room. - I used to think the best way to get a house was to get a boyfriend who can pay half the money but I soon realised that that means you have to actually let them live there, too, and that negates the whole idea, I find. ESPECIALLY in the mornings, when other people by right shouldn't even EXIST yet. - I want it to be MY house. Potential boyfriends can live in the shed or Kent or wherever. Actually not in the shed, I need the shed for woodworking.
That sounds greedy, I know, but remember it's my dream. I don't dream of being pope and going into space to find magic treasure, I just want a pretty little house and garden just for me. When I was small, I liked to sit in cardboard boxes and spend ages deciding what colour to paint the inside and which books to keep in there with me... oh I would love to pick out some kitchen curtains one day and hang them up and sit at a table drinking tea just looking at them.

Well, I better get some work done... LOTS OF WORK... GET VERY RICH... :)
...Until then I can have a fun time living in my best friend's studio looking out on my potted balcony garden, which I really rather like, I just want to have my little house to dream of, too.


warriorgrrl said...

That is such a lovely dream! I have one very similar, but Benji lives in the house too.

We aren't neighbours any more, I moved to Herne Hill. But it's just one bus ride so perhaps we should take tea again some time soon :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Oh, I would hope to have a lovely dog, too! One that doesn't make me sneeze, might not be possible, that, but it's a dream :)

Aaaaah darn it, I always meant to ask you to meet up so I can draw Benji! Yes I would love to have some Herne Hill tea - I really like that area, that's where I have been imagining my ideal London abode. Although I really only know the area between the train station and the Lido, but it looks very friendly somehow. I had a picnic in Brockwell park last Sunday which was great... I especially like the miniature railway, every time I see that I think "I must look around here some more some time". So yes, maybe some dog drawing on a sunny autumn day?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Have you been to the Brockwell Park Cafe at all? It looks kind of schtuffy but might well be schtylisch. Oh dear, caffeine has enhanced my accent enough to make it reeedible. - Seem to be obsessed with park cafe's, is really just that they are so easy to locate (find park, look at huge map).

warriorgrrl said...

Schnauzers are non-sneezy, apparently, so there's hope for you yet! Dog drawing in the park sounds very nice indeed, yes :) I am back from touring in mid September and may well be arranging musical park things too so will keep you in the loop. And I have knitted Andre to give you for your studio as well...if there's room?