Friday, August 8, 2008

Cow Gum

I think I'm getting a cold.
Well, it's a good day anyway. I got a coffee machine in the post that makes one cup of coffee exactly, to keep beside my bed to help me start the day. What I didn't expect is that the cup is very very small. It's not an espresso machine, it's just a machine for making an incredibly small cup of coffee. I hope it'll mean that I get to drink more than one cup a day... I always make my breakfast coffee so big and concentrated that if I have any other caffeinated drink later in the day it makes my head explode, which is bad socially.
Also, I was hunting mice and found an old tin of cow gum under the sink, which is incredibly brilliant since I was wondering where to get rubber cement to glue the spine of my new book without having to leave the house because I think I'm getting a cold.


Rima said...

Hello Viviane... sorry to hear you're not feeling well.
I like the sound of your coffee machine ... maybe the cups are about the right size for the mice you are hunting? :) And by cow gum do you mean chewing gum like kaugummi or something else entirely? Never thought of using it for bookbinding :)
Get well soon x

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting! :)
I think the cold has left. I was just thinking about having a sneaky miniature afternoon coffee.

Cow gum, yes I used to wonder if it was kaugummi, good thing I never tried! - it used to be much used but isn't produced any more... I think it has nothing to do with cows at all, it's an evil-smelling rubber cement that dries into weird elastic golden lumps if you let it. It's what graphic designers used to stick stuff down with before computers (and before spray mount, I guess). So finding some under the sink was exciting! But it had dried out already :(
There was another glue tub of something called "zosammun", I think, which makes me wonder if there's a tradition of using German puns for glue naming.
But that had gone moldy.
So... I used PVA after all and it worked ok.
Ah well.