Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Book-binding again

Am binding a new book, it's VERY exciting, this time it's a photo album/scrap book with cut-out frames and loads of different paper stocks... it's for a new project. Technically, I don't really need to do this but, well, it's just that I find it helpful to bind exactly the right kind of book for every project phase, it helps me come up with ideas. I always put a best of the Beatles album on because when "Let it Be" comes around it reminds me I should take a break. In fact my flatmate sometimes comes into the studio when he hears it and sings along to make me stop working.
Which I am doing now. Ok. Taking break now. Yes.
Oh, and, after that song, "The Long and Winding Road" comes on which always makes me very happy because I think it sounds like it's sung by a small rodent on a big journey. (In a good way.) - That happens to be my favourite kind of story, actually. I have a collection of books about small rodents having adventures. I once wrote one myself but it ended up in a drawer because it was MUCH to long. I wonder if Paul McCartney was aiming for that effect. I mean, did he actually ask them to, hm, contrast his voice with a full orchestra like that? It makes him sound the size of a rat...
Deja Vu happening. I probably posted the exact same thing last time I bound a book.
It's good to have some structure in life, isn't it.
I think I've had more than enough coffee today.
Better go for a walk and pick up some tasty snacks.
What do I usually eat when I'm binding books?
Aaah yes, chip butty and a pickle!
Right, I'm off.


micro cap stocks said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Eric Orchard said...

Sleep walker is looking great1 My wife and i took a stroll through it last night! Awesome. By the way, who did your web design? I'm getting mine redone and looking at what other people have done. I like yours, it's very, very you.

Viviane Schwarz said...

:) Thanks! I MUST finish that episode. In fact, I am attempting the next page right now while the glue is drying on my other work and before everyone lost interest!

If my website is looking very Viv it's because I made it myself... I try and make it very very simple so I don't spend too much time tinkering with it.
All the programs I am using for it are free ones from the web - SeaMonkey and jAlbum mostly.