Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bird Stack

They have three eggs now.


June said...

Ahh, bless their little beaks!
It doesn't matter to them that they are birds of different feathers, they are best buddies anyway.
I hope they aren't too disappointed that the eggs don't hatch!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Zebra canaries would be so ace!

I'm glad that little Thingummy has found some meaning in his lonely finch life that way... both these guys had a same species buddy who died and they were distraught, but now they seem quite happy!

Eric Orchard said...

This picture scared me at first! It just looked like a feather pile, but it turned out OK! I love that you live in London with animals and a garden and it seems like that's what you're painting about. Very cool, you Ma'am are no manager, you're something much better! Thinking about the action pose thing, I wonder if it's more of a scribbly thing, getting something down on paper that looks cool and then fitting in the anatomy? That makes sense to me.

Viviane Schwarz said...

That's a very good description of Helga - looks like a feather pile most of the time, turns out ok 80% I'd say.
:) Thank you, you make my life sound really coherent, maybe it is, haha!

That's a very good plan with the action poses! I just remembered what I've been doing the last few times - I hand my sketchbook or a big sheet of paper over to Alexis who just draws some shapes, like dynamic potatoes, and then I kind of fit the character into every one of them, it's like making them do some sort of an acting exercise. So I think I'd do a whole sheet of cool shapes and then just go!