Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's it with the busy???

Isn't it Sunday? What's going on?

I just had a morning swim (very sensible) and finished the biography questionnaire for Scholastic US (good good, hope I didn't write anything nutty that'll hang around in the internet for years again, like that time I got fed up and wrote my hobby was restoring Victorian parasols).

Sooo - I might as well ink in the next page of Sleepwalkers, no? It's a double spread, no less!

And then I need to get back to my main project this week, which happens to be a fiddly detailed pencil drawing. Somehow it happened that I managed to include one in a book. I know my fiddly detailed pencil drawings aren't all that good, it's the sort of thing you need to do a LOT of to be any good, I believe.
I'm better at sudden Zen-type outbursts of doodling. - But I do find it very pleasant to lose myself in drawing something hairy with all the hairs or fine-tuning the wrinkles of an elephant for a day or two, even if the result may be overworked, without any sense of perspective or anatomy and the shadows going in all the wrong directions... and - no one is stopping me!!! :)

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