Friday, July 11, 2008

Toenail clippings

Page five is up.

This morning I took Helga to the vet to have her toenails clipped, they had grown very long in the last couple of months because she insisted on doing nothing but sit on a pebble on a sock in half a tin snowman in the corner of her cage. The pebble (which is now polished to a sheen, I note) I put in there because I noticed that she'll lay an egg and sit on it for weeks every time I took the last one out, even if she'd given up on it weeks ago. The sock Alexis put in because he noticed it stopped her from tearing people's hair out to line her nest with. The snowman tin was a Christmas present, and it just happens to fit her snugly.
Anyway, she's still very insulted.

Now I shall fry up some potatoes and then do some roughs for a new thing that might be a picture book one day (I hope so because it's very funny I think). I can't work on the other book because my note-and sketchbooks are getting scanned for a presentation at the publisher's. They promised to bicycle-courier them back to me before I go on holiday next week so I can take them along... I feel almost famous.

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