Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Syndicate Sleepwalkers, why not!

I am still building the Sleepwalkers site. Now I've added a RSS feed for your very convenience so you can have Sleepwalkers piped into your computer directly and as they appear without any interruption by my pets, beans or thoughts in general.

Here it is:

Sleepwalkers RSS feed

Let me know if it works... and also if you stick it on your Facebook site or anything like that, you're quite welcome to (as long as it's non-commercial), I'm just interested!

By the way, if you don't have a RSS reader, SAGE is one I rather like... It's a Firefox add-on, just sits there quietly until you feel like checking what's new in your world, and thens serves it all up nicely.

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Viviane Schwarz said...

By the way, it's a blogger-created feed... I wanted to hand-code it but have no idea how to include preview images in the feed. So there is now actually a very basic Sleepwalkers blog out there, at sleepwalkerscomic.blogspot.com