Saturday, July 26, 2008

"On the Rocks"

A couple of days ago I went to the opening of an exhibition of glass sculptures by Richard Deacon and Bill Woodrow... I thought they were wonderful. There was a sequence of glass tables named after the days of the week, with glass mammoths wandering over black mirror plateaus, and smooth grey glass slugs living in the glass bottles that started out as the legs of the tables, but on the week-end wandered up and developed in some spore-like way, detached and rolled over the now featureless tablescape... I got the impression that the glass slugs were rather starved in the bottles, so much that some had escaped and eaten part of the tables. I worried. It looked like evolution was suddenly running backwards at speed and sucking things back into itself and enclosing them in clean bubbles, because if you'd grow backwards you'd need no food.. I wanted to ask the artists about it but I thought probably they had important people to talk to.

It made me think about those single-celled animals the size of inflatable mattresses that I once read existed before nature came up with making more complicated stuff, and the giant insects that came later, especially the centipedes that would outrun and eat a person if they'd be around now.

I must be moving up in the world because that was the first event I've ever been to where the free drinks had real fruit in. And the snacks on trays came with matching dips. I thought that if I had to make a site specific installation I would probably end up just making lots of waiters go around with trays of snacks in a complicated pattern and see how the gallery visitors would try to catch them discreetly.

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