Monday, July 21, 2008

Need a Computer?

I am still fixing family computers. Today I get to install Linux Ubuntu on a machine that's been shot to hell by Microsoft Mayhem, several people trying to install the 'best' windows stuff on it that they could lay their hands on. Now it took me a day to even switch it on.

I love Ubuntu... honestly, if you ever just want a computer to do 'stuff' with, use the internet, email, scan and manipulate your artwork, write, use it with photos and mp3s, and someone tells you they can 'put you a computer together', take the computer. But don't let them stick on a load of old Microsoft that's left over from somewhere. Try Ubuntu - it comes with a program that will easily let you produce word compatible documents, and with GIMP, which is a fine program to digitally manipulate images with - you can always fork out for Photoshop later.

Also brilliant for children and students to produce pictures and words and generally do all the computery stuff one does. And all for free. With tons of free programs to add over the web. And it all updates automatically to the latest versions. - And there's other flavours of Linux about, if Ubuntu doesn't suit your taste... I am running Xandros on my tiny pc and it's lovely. I am seriously considering switching to Linux for good when my trusty old mac finally dies.

Just wanted to say that after spending hours fixing up rickety old crashy slow noisy boxes full of microsoft rubble. Gah!

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