Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lovely Things

I had my haircut! It took three kinds of scissors and an inordiate amount of brushes and hot air and I ended up looking so proper that I went and got some new glasses, too. I meant to have my eyes checked anyway but wasn't brave enough because I secretly thought the constant wibbling I see was due to some terrible thing that would turn me blind soon, but in fact it's due to eye strain, phew.

I'm really enjoying myself, it's lovely to see my family... it's odd (but fun) to see my dad on a motorbike, and I very much liked seeing my most excellent little nephew dudes, radiating as always a generous portion of light of my life and being very excited about 'the Hobbit' which they'd just listened to for four hours solid. It's the first instance in a long time of me coming across any child being that excited about a work of literature that's not Harry Potter. An then it's two children, and relatives, and one of my favourite books ever, so I am happy.

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