Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home again!

So... the first bit of news I got on coming home is that Helga and Thingummy have moved in together.

I don't know what's going on inside their tiny heads, but it's very cute. They even sleep snuggled together sitting on one egg and one polished pebble, and he defends her whenever anyone comes near by hopping up and down making a loud honking noise.

Then I checked my plants, which have mostly thrived - I had my first harvest of peas. here are the ones we didn't eat before I could take a picture:

Then I found a stack of post on my desk, almost no bills, instead a hand-painted card from Bornholm, a brilliant booklet about penguins that I won in a competition and an invitation to a private view tomorrow night.

Now I am drinking tea and waiting to wake up completely. The trip was pretty tiring for some reason, lots of standing around waiting for security searches to get going. Doesn't help that every airport seems to handle things differently which always leads to a grand scrambling before every procedure, especially if one tries to get all right and ready in advance I find. I queued past a silent news screen when I was waiting to cross the UK border, and they had subtitles running which were very odd, I read: ON SCREEN, BATMAN IS RIGHTER OF WRONG, THE FEARLESS DIVIDENDER OF THE WREAK... I've wondered before how this happens, do they use speech recognition software? I couldn't keep looking because it made me feel a bit brain-damaged.

Meh, I got exciting work to do, but you know what, I'll have a power-nap first.


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Welcome Back! It's always nice to get out town, but coming back home is the best.

That is adorable! Little Helga shacking up with a finch and sitting on her egg and polished rock. I think there is a story book here...

Anonymous said...

welcome home dividender of the wreak ! you always save the day! with your peas that look like green balloons and your romantic little birds!
thank you ms schwarz

Viviane Schwarz said...

Tehy're so cjuuuute!!! Helga has started feeding him, I think she thinks he's her baby chick now.