Thursday, July 10, 2008

Four pages! That's like, two spreads already!

And page four is up. And I am adding colours one by one. Today, some blue.

It's been a while since I've had such enjoyable working days... it's great to write and draw things and decide all by myself when they are finished. I even had one of my high-powered pasta lunches that I haven't had since college - I used to jump up from my desk somewhere around midday, normally when I had to leave some ink to dry anyway, stride home, cook some pasta sauce that normally tasted a bit weird because I was still thinking of what I'd been drawing, and all the while talking at my then-boyfriend. If he hadn't been there I'd have been talking to the wallpaper. If he ever said anything back, I have no recollection of it because all I was concerned with is get some words out, food in, and back out of the house to get working again. I really enjoyed that time!

And now it's time to run off to a meeting and re-edit some speech bubbles for my next book. Tra la...

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