Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Germany, day one


Aaaaaah. My parents' garden has grown a lot since I last saw it... I mean, not bigger, just more green and taller... This here is actually the small front garden, it's just cleverly packed with plant life. Mm.


I also went and saw some lovely summer evening theatre in a quarry - a performance about airports, including confusion about luggage and some fierce security searches. It was pretty much spot-on compared with what I went through routinely the day before travelling here, except no one had to buy tiny plastic bags from a vending machine in a four-pack for a quid to save their face-cream from being confiscated. (I didn't have a quid yesterday, and stood by the machine silently fuming about this amazing rip-off - WHO ON EARTH NEEDS FOUR BAGS IF YOU'RE ONLY ALLOWED ONE THROUGH SECURITY ANYWAY???? - and contemplating fishing what looked like some old plastic bag out of the recycling bin - until a nice young couple gave me one of their four vending machine rip-off bags - I like airport passenger solidarity, people really do help each other through these confusing and frustrating times, bless them - some nice guy gave me a sandwich, too, when I found that the airport shops didn't take my cash card).

Tomorrow I'll have my annual professional haircut, and I'll get my eyes tested at the local opticians for old times' sake.

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