Monday, June 23, 2008


This sketchbook from two years ago has become very yellow and transparent. I kind of like it!

There's quite a week ahead for me... something planned for every day, meetings, signings, visits... so today I am doing all the sitting at home yawning drinking coffee part of the week. I've reactivated my Freecycle account to feed my surplus studio equipment to artists in the area (tables, scanners, anything too big to ebay or too odd for the charity shop), which fills me with a feeling of goodness.


Eric Orchard said...

The effect is amazing! Really beautiful.

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Freecycle looks like a really fabulous idea! I just checked and there is a local group here! Who knew? Thanks for turning me onto them.

I love these glimpses into your sketchbooks. You have such a wide range and all of it really great.

I wish you were doing a signing here- I now have 3 books waiting and one on order to be signed.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thankyoou! :) I might post more old sketches as I'm going through them at the mo, putting them on shelves and looking for useful things...

Hooray! Just the right time to join Freecycle, you might be able to pick up some lovely house-things and get rid of old furniture (I bet there's some around after moving house)... how brilliant that there is a group there! It's very popular in London I think, just about everyone I know seems to be swapping art materials and furniture and old TV sets. There's something like that as well for swapping lessons, I haven't looked into iy yet, but somehow you can e.g. swap a German lesson for a yoga lesson or some otehr sort of help or service.

I am picking my passport up tomorrow! Rah rah rah I can visit and sign soon! At last :D What time of year would be best?